Good curtains at competitive prices
Good curtains at competitive prices

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Welcome to Great Curtains

Using this website you can ask for free fabric samples as well as a copy of our 50-page guide which includes pictures of over 200 stock fabrics. Products can be ordered on the internet and paid for using our shopping basket system which allows payment by Credit Card or Paypal account. You’re also able to send an order without payment if you want to and we will verify it for you and contact you before putting it into action. If there is a material from a particular shop that you want that is not shown on the site, you can use the quote form down the side to send us details and we will set up quotation for you.

With bag-lined the lining is simply stitched onto the curtain fabric and inverted. Although a more affordable method, it allows the edges to ‘roll’.

Blind hemming

With blind hemming, the lining is stitched to the curtain fabric and the seam is also part of the back of the curtain cloth about five centimetres in from the edge. This is done by carefully loosening some of the threads at the back of the material so the stitching is virtually invisible on the face. It offers a much cleaner appearance and in our view the curtains hang better. When comparing our products with what others call 'made-to-measure', you should be certain to double-check this point.

Curtain "fullness"

Fullness is the number of widths of fabric that will be used for the width of your track or rail. Opinions differ in the trade for any given track size, but of course it will make a lot of difference to the price. Always make sure you know how many widths of curtains you are being given quotes for when comparing prices.

With so many being unbranded it is hard to see whether you are getting value for what you pay. What is important however is the final price of the curtain. So we have put our costs in price groups so that the only price that matters is the end product.

Welcome to Great Curtains based in Leicester. We are a family-run business who have been established for 10 years. We offer bespoke handmade curtains, blinds and many soft furnishings. All curtains and blinds are custom made to you in the comfort of your own house.

Throughout the site you will read a short description of the company and the services we offer. Hopefully this will help to answer all the questions you may have, but if it doesn’t please do contact us as we're more than keen to help.

Our business started as a market stall just outside Leicester and has since grown to become an extremely successful soft furnishing seller.

Family-run business

As a family run business we have had plenty of years of experience in the soft furnishing sector. We stock loads of products, from readymade curtains to designer bedding, which we hand out from our purpose built warehouse in Leicester which is then delivered directly to your door.

The online store was set up to give customers more access to our vast range of products. We work with a ethos of providing the highest quality furnishings fabrics and home furnishings products at the most affordable prices. This ethos remains intact today.

Do call us using the number in the Contact page if you have any queries regarding our curtains or services. Our employees will be happy to respond to all your questions.

We are a family run business who sell many designs of high-quality, cheap curtains